LILY Letter 4: Single Parents are Super Heroes

May 4, 2021

This is Cathy in Southern Utah as a mid-single. For many years, she was a single mother to two young boys. Can being a single parent feel heavy? Does it require superhero strength and stamina? It absolutely does at times. It can feel as daunting as holding up this gigantic rock.

Fortunately, we have a loving Father in Heaven and a Savior to rely on when faced with seemingly impossible tasks. We can ask God to consecrate our best efforts and accomplish far more with heavenly help than we can on our own. Sometimes we really need that divine support.

As challenging as it may be sometimes, divorce and single parenting can actually have a positive ripple effect, based on what we learn and how we grow from our personalized mortal experiences. The hard stuff is part of becoming who we are meant to be, while blessing those around us with the wisdom and skills we have acquired in the process.

For all the single moms and dads out there, doing your best to raise good children largely on your own, you have real strength only alluded to in this photo. We know, because we've been there. Keep up the good work – you are amazing. Your best efforts, combined with heaven's assistance, make you a superhero in our book!

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