April 5, 2021
This Easter weekend, M. Russell Ballard's talk "Hope in Christ" during conference was an unexpected breath of fresh air for mid-singles. It was mesmerizing and motivated us to continue our efforts to create and provide more resources for our single members. So many have felt a lack of belonging and the perception has been that they are a minority and yet it's not true! Here is a short summary of Elder Ballard's talk:

More than half of our adult members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints today are widowed, divorced or not yet married. Some wonder about their place in God’s plan and in the church.

The hope of all who are single is the same as for all members of the Lord’s restored Church—access to the grace of Christ.

Heavenly Father loves single members of the Church, and the Church needs their voices, talents, skills, goodness and righteousness.

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